Jesus Christ has done great things for the people who form Edifice Group, Inc., and we feel honored to have the opportunity to serve Him through our work.

Jesus Christ has shown us our sin, redeemed us by His blood – which He shed on the cross at Calvary – and gave us new life when He arose from the dead. We believe He is now seated on His thrown in heaven, and has gone to prepare a place for us there – and for all of those who truly believe these things.

Because Jesus first loved us, and suffered and died to make us right with God, and because we believe we will meet Him face-to-face one day, we try to live our lives and run our business with:

  • JOY

We aim for flawless delivery and execution of our products and services, and follow up with exceptional customer service. At times we do make mistakes and when that happens, we do all in our power to make it right. Every relationship forged between Edifice and another fine automobile dealer is considered a win-win, and is viewed as a long-term partnership.